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Jean de Cherie - erotic romance
This item first appeared on the web page "l'vraiment erotique" and is due to be  included in the print publication "Love Byres" in 2010

Moonlight Sonata
a brief memoir,
by Jean de Cherie

Imagine, if you will, setting out on a clear December night, walking down a 1/4 mile-long unpaved driveway in the Colorado mountains. Some parts of the driveway, not shaded by towering pines and slender aspen, get sun in the winter, so there are bare patches and snowy/icy patches. The two, forty-something, divorced (but not from each other), holding hands, occasionally slip, but never at the same time, so they don't fall. Rounding a bend, they find themselves both out of line of sight from the house, and overlooking the valley across the dirt road running some miles further up, to the top of a ridge.

They find a clear spot, sit, and begin talking. It is a budding relationship: they have kissed; he has cupped her breasts through her shirt, and she has rubbed his crotch, all in the car after a movie, but up to this point, they have not made love. Now they discuss the practicalities of a sexual relationship, HIV tests, and the like. She is in Health Care, and is tested every year. He says he hasn’t been tested, has only had four partners in the preceding thirteen years, but three of those were one-offs, so he doesn’t mind waiting to be tested.

She pushes him down, is lying on his chest. They kiss. He tells her of his vasectomy, that there is no danger of pregnancy. He tells her he likes oral, both giving and receiving. They are kissing, with increasing enthusiasm as she begins fumbling with his belt buckle. “It’s a saddle-cinch,” he tells her, and because she’s had experience with horses, she opens it easily, and slides his jeans and underwear down far enough to have unfettered access.

In moments she has freed his erection, and is licking up and down, sucking as though she has waited years for such an opportunity. Hefting his balls, she begins to question her ability to satisfy this man, but she is not to be denied. Her skill is remarkable, her enthusiasm a marvel to behold. He holds out as long as he can, savoring both the sensation and the pleasure of knowing that it comes from this particular woman. As if on cue, the full moon begins to rise.

As he nears the point of no return, he warns her, but she does not stop, and the pent-up desires and longings of two disappointing marriages suddenly melt away. She makes certain not a drop has escaped, then nestles herself in his arms once more, and they kiss, more gently this time.

Stretched out on the bare ground, his butt, upper thighs and lower back are getting chilled, so as much as he hates to, he must ask her to let him pull his pants up, at least. She rolls off him, and he begins rubbing her, planning to return the favor, but she says she’s having her period, and stands up to return to the house.

Walking back up the driveway, arms around each other, she tells him what her daughter said when she told the kids they were going for a walk:

“Mom, what if he tries to kiss you?”

Copyright Jean de Cherie

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